Communicate. Motivate. Lead.

The world needs managers who see the big picture and aren’t afraid of taking the driver’s seat. Obtaining your management degree will illuminate the path towards becoming an effective leader across a range of industries. From IT to retail, managers are needed oversee both projects and people to ensure that an organization is running smoothly. It’s up to you to decide whether or not this is the path for you – and is here to help along the way…

What Does a Manager Do?

Across industries, a manager’s role is clear. They provide direction to employees, unite their subordinates to reach a common goal, assist with employee grievances and training, manage money flow, and assist in goal setting for an organization. Here is a breakdown of common tasks of a manager:

Critical Management Skills

  • Political: Establish connections with other businesses and government officials
  • Conceptual: Analyze complex situations and find solutions
  • Interpersonal: Communicate, motivate, mentor and delegate employees
  • Diagnostic: Finding responses to a complex situation

Basic Skills Necessary

  • Interpersonal: Coordination and interaction with employees
  • Informational: Handling, sharing, and analyzing information
  • Decisional:  Decision making