Best Google Chrome Plugins for Management

America loves the Google Chrome browser. It surpassed Microsoft’s Internet Explorer for a week in May 2012, then for a month. Now Chrome’s market share is a commanding 33.8 percent, and Google doesn’t show any signs of releasing its stranglehold on the competitive Internet browser market. But why is Chrome so popular? Besides reliability and ease-of-use, Chrome features a cornucopia of plugins that make it fully customizable. This flexibility is a huge draw for Management students. Here are eight of the top plugins to augment a Management student’s overall learning experience:

Ginger: When it comes to grammar and spelling, no one is immune to mistakes. But making grammar mistakes publicly can reflect poorly on a grade, or worse, lend the appearance of ignorance or carelessness. Ginger eliminates the problem by placing a real-time spelling and grammar checker into documents under construction.

Web of Trust (WOT): advises: “If you have just one Chrome security extension, Web of Trust should be it.” WOT relies on millions of page ratings by internet users from around the world, and works by providing “traffic signals” for each page a user tries to access. Green lights indicate a web site is safe, while amber lights warrant caution and red light sites should be avoided.

Xmarks: Xmarks is a five-star rated bookmarking tool that allows its users to sync bookmarks across computers and browser platforms. Users with multiple browsers can choose whether to sync some or all of their bookmarks onto non-Chrome browsers, and can even decide whether to sync the bookmarks to certain or all computers they use.

StayFocusd: Busy professionals and management students face constant demands on their time, but StayFocusd helps streamline work and study goals. StayFocusd allows users to set daily time limits for specific websites, and to block others altogether. So if Twitter is too much of a distraction, a user can set a half-hour limit—and StayFocusd won’t allow access beyond that.

LastPass: LastPass offers free online password management and form filling capabilities. It tracks and remembers passwords used for online banking, social media, and shopping sites, then encrypts them to make them more secure. LastPass frees up professionals and students to focus on their work without being distracted by password issues.

Send to Kindle: In the middle of reading a long article on the internet and wishing it could be viewed on an e-reader instead? With the touch of a button, the Send to Kindle plugin, developed by, strips away all the advertisements and sends the content to a designated Kindle. This is a great way for professionals and management students to transport and read long files in a highly portable format.

AdBlock: Online advertisements, especially Flash versions, can contain security hazards and slow down a browser’s overall performance. AdBlock allows users to decide whether and to what extent these advertisements can run, resulting in a faster, distraction-free experience for students and professionals alike.

Docs PDF/PowerPoint Viewer: This plugin is a major productivity booster. It allows users to click a link to PowerPoint or PDF files and route directly to Google Docs to view the document in its intended format, rather than having to download and re-open the document in Office or Adobe Reader.

Google Chrome offers unparalleled flexibility. Users can download plugins that offer a browsing experience tailored to their preferences, and the plugin marketplace includes productivity and security extensions to meet the needs of managementstudents and even professionals.

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