New Year’s Resolutions for Management Students

A New Year beckons, and with it, another semester starts for returning online students everywhere. That means a renewed dedication to the pursuit of concepts, connections and career opportunities in whichever field you’re studying. 

The start of the new year is an opportunity to strengthen your resolve to be a better student in your chosen field of study. For aspiring doctors, that might mean brushing up on evolving medical or surgical concepts in your spare time. For those professionals pursuing various management degree levels, it could mean finding new opportunities for end-of-term part-time or full-time jobs with corporations. And for those in the fields of engineering-related behaviors, the time might be best spent seeing the upcoming trends in computing, technical engineering and other future scenarios.

So how can you realize your 2013 study goals and turn them into practical, actionable opportunities? Follow some advice in the tips from NextGen Journal for clearing your head of distractions, freeing up more time for worthy causes and using your essential time for better gain. And we’ve also distilled some of our own resolutions for online students to use as part of your school-study-success arsenal.

1) Get Organized! The key thing to halting forward progress is lack of organization for students. This applies to all of us, whether new college students or returning professional seeking online degrees in technology, management, or other career disciplines. One step toward better organization is to create an online digital setup for your documents, videos, presentations and more. Check free cloud storage companies like DropBox and to store your digital goods. Having your work in the cloud frees you up from overloading large files to your laptop or other computing tool of choice.

2) Limit Time of Social Networks! Face it, we all know what a time suck checking friends’ feeds can be on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest can be. Be aware of the time you’re taking away form solid study or work time toward your management degree. We understand that using social networks can put you in touch with people in your interest, but it’s best to use it in smart fashion, and with background research in mind, before you start following everyone in the business field of study.

3) Learn More about Your Teachers! Pursuing an online degree or a campus-based degree takes a certain amount of personal understanding with your educator or professor. How well do you understand the personality tics of your teacher? What part of the person’s background can you as a student explore to better anticipate the types of responses in reports and projects that will resonate? Taking a bit of time to research the teacher should be high on your list of new year’s resolutions.

 4) Work toward Great Grades! It’s no longer ‘good enough’ to coast by in your school work. Get more focused on excellent work. Study the notes, know the material inside and out. When the test comes, it will be more of a regular exercise than a surprise. Successful people are successful because they take the time to do the behind the scenes work to get great. Good musicians practice out of sight, writers write daily and business professional work long hours before the deals get done. It’s what you do to prepare that will translate into success.

5) See the Big Picture! Try to understand that much of what you are learning now is applicable in your chosen field. But don’t get bogged down in details for this work. See how certain study concepts get applied in business, technology or scientific pursuits. Research the chain of activity from how inventories work in business to their ultimate aspect of business management skills. Find the balance you are comfortable with in detail work to have a good understanding of the overall concepts necessary to further your career after finishing your degree work in college levels of study.

Letting go of distracting details that weigh one down, or worldy concerns that you can’t control, can help lead students to a greater focus on gaining the right education to fulfill the academic dreams.

Photo credit: @inhabitant