Business Management Degree

What is a Business Management Degree?

A Business Management degree allows students the opportunity to gain a solid foundation of every business facet, from finance and accounting, to organizational behavior and strategic management. An online Business Management degree allows you to take courses that are wide as they are deep – so you have a general understanding of all business operations.

Why Obtain an Online Business Management Degree?

Online degrees make it possible for students from all walks of like to attend college. With a Internet connection and a reliable computer, you can sign into your online school portal from just about anywhere to access your course material. This includes interactive assignments, tests, chat rooms, digital presentations/lectures, and more. Join the crowd. More than 20 percent of students today take at least one distance learning college course, according to the National Center for Education Statistics.

What Careers Will I Qualify For?

Because the coursework for a Business Management career focuses on broad business principles and practices, your post-graduate employment can range. Online Business Management degree graduates have advanced to roles in fields like finance, information technology, law, marketing, and non-profit management. Here are some common careers a Business Management graduate could land:

  • Brand manager
  • Business consultant
  • Business analyst
  • Financial manager
  • Chief Executive Officer (CEO) or Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
  • Marketing manager
  • Economist
  • Sales manager

Why a Business Management Career?

If you are results-driven, enjoy working with people, are not adverse to a challenging work environment, and are motivated by money, then a business management career is for you. Your options as a graduate of this degree program are vast – which is a draw for many.

The salary potential for Business Management grads is favorable. In fact, on average the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics cites that the following salary averages:

Marketing Managers $110,030
Administrative Services Manager $75,520
Sales Managers $96,790

Plus, employment is expected to increase between 12 and 15 percent through 2018 in this profession. Both demand and salary potential are on your side with a Business Management degree.

What are the Course Requirements for an Online Business Management Degree?

As a Business Management major, you will take a broad range of classes. During your first few semester, you will have to take liberal arts prerequisites like history, English, public speaking, and humanities, then as you progress through the program will take business-specific courses including topics such as accounting, finance, business law, human resources, and marketing.

Courses will vary from school to school, as well as degree level. If you are seeking a higher-level degree like a master’s or Doctorate in Management, they you will take pinpointed courses in operations management, risk management, organizational behavior and development. Typically, the higher you advance, the more research and analytics-based the coursework.


Business Management Degree Options

Degree LevelSchoolProgram
Associate'sPost University
A.S. in Management
Bachelor'sAmerican InterContinental University
Bachelor's (BBA) - Management
Bachelor'sColorado Technical University
Bachelor of Science in Business Administration - Management
Bachelor'sDeVry University
Bachelor's in Business Administration - Health Services Management
Bachelor'sKaplan University
BSBA - Management
Bachelor'sPost University
B.S. in Business Administration / Management
Bachelor'sPost University
B.S. in Management
Bachelor'sSaint Leo University Online
BA in Business Administration-Management
Bachelor'sUniversity of Phoenix
Bachelor of Science in Business - Management
Bachelor'sWalden University
Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Business Administration - Management
Bachelor'sWGU Indiana
B.S. in Business Management
Master'sAmerican InterContinental University
MBA - Management
Master'sColorado State University-Global Campus
MS - Management
Master'sKaplan University
Master of Science in Management
Master'sLiberty University Online
MA in Management and Leadership
Master'sStrayer University
MBA: Management
Master'sVirginia College
Business Administration - Management
Master'sWalden University
Master of Science (M.S.) in Leadership - General Management
Master'sWalden University
Master of Science (M.S.) in Management - General
DoctorateGrand Canyon University
D.B.A.: Management
Certificate / DiplomaPenn Foster Career School
Small Business Management
Certificate / DiplomaStrayer University
Certificate in Business Administration: Management
Graduate CertificatesStrayer University
Graduate Certificate in Business Administration: Management