Diploma in Management

What is a Diploma in Management?
A Management diploma delivers a fundamental base of business knowledge. Students completing a diploma in management often complete courses covering only the core functions of business management. From common management tactics and payroll accounting, to human resources procedures and marketing principles, a Diploma offers an introduction to management.

How do I Qualify for a Diploma?
To qualify for enrollment in an online Management diploma program, many colleges and universities require applicants to be high school graduates; however, some colleges and universities will accept a prospective student’s GED. Each college and university has specific admission requirements, and students should contact their school of interest for enrollment information.

What’s the Time to Completion?
Although time to complete an online Management diploma varies by school, students can usually earn their diploma in 9-18 months. If a college accepts credits previously earned by a student, that student may be able to complete their diploma in less time.

What Courses can I Expect to Take in this Program?
Diploma courses focus on core management issues, including management practices, accounting and payroll processes, human resources methods, and inventory management.

What is my Employment Outlook after I Graduate From this Program?
Graduates with a diploma in Management often obtain entry-level positions. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand for entry-level management professionals continues to increase, providing opportunities that include sales and customer service representatives, executive assistants and marketing specialists.

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