Doctorate in Management

What is a Doctorate Degree in Management?
An online Doctorate degree in Management focuses on research in a specific area of business management. Students earning a doctorate degree in management typically use their degree to obtain a teaching position at a business school within a college or university.

How do I Qualify for a Doctorate Degree?
Many colleges and universities offering a Doctorate degree in Management require incoming students to hold a master’s degree in Business Management or a related area of study. Some schools also require students to have professional work experience in their specific area of study. Each college and university has specific admission requirements, and students should contact their school of interest for exact enrollment information.

What’s the Time to Completion?
The time to complete a Management Doctorates varies, but can typically be completed in 4-5 years beyond your undergraduate studies.

What Courses can I Expect to take in this Program?
It is common for online Management Doctoral degree students to focus their coursework on an area of study within business management. This focus could be accounting, economics, marketing, statistics, information technology or anther area related to business management. These courses are usually completed within two to three years. Upon completion of their courses, students develop a thesis or dissertation and then must pass an exam that covers all aspects of their area of study.

What is my Employment Outlook after I Graduate from this Program?
According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand for professors who hold a Doctoral degree will increase 17 percent through 2020. This increase is demand is due, in large part, to the increasing number of students attending college to earn their associate’s or bachelor’s degree.

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