Master’s Degree in Management

What is a Master’s Degree in Management?
An online master’s degree in Management focuses on further enhancing a student’s critical-thinking and strategy-development skills in business management. An emphasis is also placed on leadership roles in a business environment and the knowledge and skills needed to most effectively lead a team of experienced professionals.

How Do I Qualify for an Online Master’s Degree in Management?
Students who want to earn a management master’s degree must have a bachelor’s degree in business management or some related area of study, including finance, accounting, marketing, information systems management, or human resources. Some colleges and universities also require a student to have professional work experience. Each college and university has specific admission requirements, and students should contact their school of interest for exact enrollment information.

What’s the Time to Completion?
An online master’s degree in Management is typically completed in two years if a student attends school full time. Students who are working full time and attending courses on a part-time basis can complete their master’s degree in 2-3 years. If a college accepts master’s degree level credits previously earned by a student, that student may be able to complete their degree in less than two years.

What Courses Will I Take?
Management master’s degree students can expect to take courses that provide an in-depth study of business management strategies and principles. These courses focus on incorporating all elements of a successful business, including marketing, accounting, finance, information systems, information technology and human resources management to develop creative solutions to current and future business challenges.

What is my Employment Outlook?
Businesses are continuing to demand professionals who hold advanced or graduate degrees. In fact, demand for seasoned marketing managers, administrative managers, sales managers and healthcare managers is growing between 12-16 percent through 2018 according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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