Organizational Management Degree

What is an Organizational Management Degree?

An Organizational Management degree is a broad business degree that teaches students how to deal with a wide variety of business concepts. The degree aims to prepare students to effectively communicate verbally and in writing in a business setting, understand computer applications that are related to business and oversee employees. Students pursuing this degree will be expected to gain the knowledge needed to manage an office, warehouse or retail establishment.

Organizational Management degrees may be offered online or in a traditional classroom setting. Degrees in this field can be two-year, four-year, master’s or doctorate degrees.

What Courses will I Take in an Online Organizational Management Degree Program?

The courses that are taken while a student is pursuing an online Organizational Management degree will primarily be focused on management and leadership concepts. Organizational departments including accounting, marketing, and human resources will be studied. Courses in business communication, business math and economics may also be required.

Four-year degrees typically require students to complete general elective courses that are not related to their core major. Examples of electives that may be required include arts and humanities courses and science courses. An advanced degree in Organizational Management will involve intensive courses specifically related to the major subject.

What are the Prerequisites of an Organizational Management Degree?

Entrance into a college that offers a bachelor’s Organizational Management degree online typically involves a combination of high school grades, SAT or ACT scores and extracurricular activities. The College Board reminds high school students that entrance into a college may be based on the types of classes that have been taken or the strength of a person’s college application essay. Students that want to pursue an Organizational Management degree should show their ability to handle difficult course material prior to college entrance by excelling at high school classes with a degree of difficulty above their comfort level.

Students who are already pursuing a college degree may need to maintain a certain grade point average (GPA) in order to declare a major in Organizational Management. Some universities set forth requirements related to the specific courses that must be completed before a student is allowed to declare an Organizational Management major.

What’s My Career Outlook as an Organizational Management Graduate?

An online Organizational Management degree has the benefit of preparing the student for a management position in a variety of business fields. Common positions held after a student graduates with this degree include human resources or marketing manager. These positions tend to be a starting point for students recently graduating from a four-year degree program. A combination of pursuing a higher degree and gaining experience in the field can lead to a job offer in an executive position.


Organizational Management Degree Options

Degree LevelSchoolProgram
Master'sWalden University
Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.) - Leadership
DoctorateWalden University
Doctor of Business Administration - Leadership
DoctorateWalden University
Ph.D. in Management - Leadership & Organizational Change
DoctorateWalden University
Ph.D. in Management - Leadership & Organizational Change - Course-based