Sports Management Degree

What is a Sports Management Degree?

Business Week cites that sporting in America is a $200-billion industry, with superstar athletes with lucrative endorsement deals and mass appeal for the “love for the game.” But if you’re not the rare athlete who can hit a 90-mph fastball or run a 4-minute mile, how are you supposed to benefit from such a lucrative business? The answer is…through a Sports Management degree.

An online Sports Management degree approaches fundamental business principals within the sports industry. Sports managers can work in a variety of roles and settings from office work and sports marketing management to team coaches or general managers. Colleges and universities around the U.S. offer both traditional and online Sports Management degrees at the associate’s, bachelor’s and master’s levels. Whether you’re starting your career or looking to advance it, there are several online degrees from accredited schools available in Sports Management.

What are Courses Will I Take with a Sports Management Degree?

As a student in this specialized Management degree, you can expect to take courses in accounting, finance, PR, marketing, management, economics, kinesiology, and technology. Sports management courses focus on the business side of sports in culture, sports information, interscholastic intercollegiate and professional sports, facility management, sport ethics, sport marketing, sport law, and sport finance.

What Degree Levels are Available in Sports Marketing?

Sports Management degrees are common at the associate, bachelor, and master’s levels. Here are some specific degrees commonly found in this degree specialization:

  • Bachelor of Science in Sport Management: A Bachelor of Science in Sports Management preps students for the business behind the sports industry with a mix of general business and sports industry-specific classes. The organizational, analytic, and quantitative elements of sport management are emphasized in most BS in sport management degrees. After completing a sports management program, you can start an entry-level job in a sports organization, or jump right to middle management with previous work experience.
  • Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Sports Management: Typically, MBA programs in athletic administration stress learning the finance behind the sporting business. Driven by analytics, students at this level will learn skills from basic bookkeeping to long-term financial strategy.
  • Master of Education (Med) in Coaching: Coaching skills and education merge in this program, where Med students will learn how to coach athletic teams – from high school to the pros.

What Careers Am I Eligible for as a Sports Management Degree Graduate?

Career opportunities for the sports management grad are vast. Here are common paths a graduate takes:

  • Athletic coach
  • Athletic director at a secondary or postsecondary school
  • Sports agents
  • General manager
  • College sports recruiter
  • Sports marketer
  • Sports licensing
  • Sports event management
  • Venue managers
  • Intercollegiate sports development

Sports Management Degree Options

Degree LevelSchoolProgram
Bachelor'sGrand Canyon University
B.S. in Sports Management
Bachelor'sPost University
B.S. in Sport Management
Master'sLiberty University Online
MS Sport Administration - non-thesis
Master'sLiberty University Online
MS Sport Administration - thesis
Master'sSaint Leo University Online
Master of Business Administration: Sport Business